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What does CPO mean?

CPO stands for certified pre-owned. It refers to any sort of asset (such as a phone or laptop) that has been brought in by its owner to be resold or traded in at a licensed dealer. The item then goes through rigorous testing and inspection for any potential hardware or software problems that may have developed since its manufacture. Any issues are repaired, and the item is meticulously cleaned and repackaged to be sold with a limited warranty. 

Certified pre-owned items are in near-perfect condition and are resold for a reduced cost. The average person isn’t usually able to tell the difference between a CPO model and a brand new model. If the item is not deemed to be in near factory-level condition by technicians, it will not be marketed as certified pre-owned by the dealer. 

What is refurbished?

An item that has been refurbished was returned or brought in usually due to a manufacturing fault or defect. The item is then tested by technicians and repaired to good working condition and resold by a dealer.

How long is delivery?

Subject to availability and receipt of payment, an item can ship usually within 1-10 business days and delivery confirmed by courier service to a physical address. No PO Box Deliveries are possible.

We also welcome collections at our warehouse in Houtbay, Sandton in Ballito on Weekdays only.